India fares poorly in expenditure and coverage of vaccination

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A recent white paper released by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) stated that India fares very poorly in comparison to other countries in expenditure and coverage for vaccinations.

The paper points out that the vaccine portfolio of Mexico and Brazil is far superior to that of India and China as it includes both vaccine against cervical cancer (HPV) and Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines (PCV) against Pneumonia.

India is all set to introduce PCV in its Universal Immunization programme in the early 2017. Dr Pradeep Haldar, Deputy Commissioner (Immunization) has said that, “cost-effectiveness of the vaccine is an issue. In private sector, three doses of PCV cost Rs 15,000. We will be supported by Global Alliance for vaccines and Immunization initially and then acquire vaccines under Government of India’s programme at subsidized cost.”

In India, market share of vaccines for export is 60 per cent, while those utilized in domestic market is 24 per cent. According to the report, this large gap is created mainly by 2 vaccines-HPV and PCV.