FAQs For Newborn Vaccinations

As per the “Open Vial Policy” guidelines, 2015, all vaccine vials (partially used vials, empty vials and unopened vials) should be returned to the last cold chain point on the same day. The vials should be segregated as under:

To be used

  • Unopened vials, if the VVM is in usable stage
  • Partially used vials on which the open vial policy is applicable

Not to be used

  • Open vials of BCG, Measles/ MR, JE and Rotavirus Vaccine
  • Empty vaccine vials
  • Vaccines with unusable VVM

Vials should be kept separately in properly sealed zipper pouches/bags in the vaccine carrier under the cold chain (reverse cold chain) and ensure carrier is picked up by the alternate vaccine delivery (AVD) mechanism to deliver at the designated vaccine/cold storage point.

At the session site, cut the needle of the AD Syringe immediately after administering the injection using the hub cutter that cuts the plastic hub of the syringe and not the metal part of the needle. The waste should be segregated as follows:


  • The cut needles that will get collected in the puncture-proof container of the hub cutter.
  • The broken vials/ diluent ampoules (sharps) may also be put in the container of the hub-cutter, depending on the capacity of the hub cutter or may be stored in a separate puncture proof container.

Red bag:

  • Plastic part of syringes (after cutting the needle)

Black bag:

  • Needle caps/ wrappers

The red, black bags and the hub-cutter should be sent to the PHC for disinfection and disposal by the designated person at the PHC.

At the PHC:

  • The black bag (containing the needle caps and wrappers) should be disposed as municipal waste.
  • The collected material in the red bag   (plastic   part   of   the   syringe) should be autoclaved. If   unable   to   impart   autoclaving,   boil   the   waste in   water   for   10    minutes    or    provide    chemical    treatment    (treating the waste in hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes).   The   autoclaved, boiled or chemically disinfected syringes should be sent for recycling. Note: All returned vials that cannot be used (reconstituted, empty and unbroken vaccine vials and vaccine vials with unusable VVM) should be kept in the ILR and should be discarded using the same protocol after 48 hours or before the next session, whichever is earlier.
  • The collected material in the hub cutter (cut needles, broken vials and ampoules) should also be autoclaved, boiled or chemically disinfected and should be disposed off in a safety pit/ tank.
  • The hub cutter should be washed properly with sodium hypochlorite before reuse.