The mRNA technology underlying Covid vaccines was being perfected in the lab for decades ahead of its biggest real-world test during the pandemic, but the actual breakneck pace at which Covid vaccines and antiviral drugs like Paxlovid came through clinical trials and to the market was unprecedented. That’s an experience and speed of discovery that Pfizer hopes to replicate as it looks to the future of vaccine and drug development. Aamir Malik, who joined Pfizer in August 2021 as chief business innovation officer, said far from any letdown after the huge success of the Covid vaccine, he came into a company where “there was almost an even renewed energy” within the organization after the vaccine success. “Let’s do that again, and let’s figure out what are all the other problems that we can bring this kind of mindset, our resources, our capabilities, to try and solve,” Malik said at the recent CNBC Work Summit.  View More